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The national space standard for urban community facilities spelled in Private Housing Project Land Development Rules (PHPLDR) 2004(updated 2012) has been strictly followed in the planning process.

The proportion of allocation of prescribed citizen, urban and road communication as per housing rules of RAJUK(RAJDHANI UNNAYAN KORTIPOKKHO) has been maintain throughout the planning. For readers better understanding, Jolshiri Abashon authority has kept maximum open space instead of creating plots. As per prescribed land use format of RAJUK, 65% of the project area can be used for residential purpose whereas Jolshiri Abashon has used only 32%. The authority also committed to keep the originality of the master plan and deposited to RAJUK. Now lets see the detailed land use plan allocation of the project area:

Other Service Charges & Delay Fee

Detailed Use Acres Bigha %
Net Residential Area 722.252 2188.423 33.84
Commercial Infrastructure 39.459 119.560 1.85
Educational Institutions 84.586 256.294 3.96
Health Services 19.393 58.760 0.91
Sports Facilities (Golf Courses, Stadium, Play lot) 95.015 287.895 4.45
Amusement/Recreation (Amusement Park, Parks, Urban Green) 152.315 461.515 7.14
Religious And Community Services 18.498 56.049 0.87
Utility Service Installation & Maintenance Infrastructure 26.750 81.053 1.25
STP(Sewerage Treatment Plant)/WTP (Water Treatment Plant) 20.320 61.570 0.95
Other Citizen and Social Facilities (Fire Service, POP, Taxi Stand) 136.505 413.609 6.40
Roads (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) 612.987 1857.350 28.73
Lake and Waterfront 205.271 621.971 9.62

Total Project Area