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Roads (All types of Residential Roads)

As per Space Standards for Urban Community Facilities in Acres by Population Size as per Tafsil-3 [Rule 9(3) & 10(3)] of Bangladesh Gazette, Additional Copy, March 1, 2004 updated in May 31.

the roads essentially within residential areas such as Primary road, Secondary road, Access road (R/W 18.5m), Tertiary road and Cul-de-sac (R/W 11.5m) roads are included in this category. Altogether these Residential roads will be laid over an area of 612.987 acres of total project land, constituting 28.73% of the total project area. These include Road with footpath, Road Island & road green. The more than double provision of 612.987 acres of surface area for thoroughfares, as against mandatory 236.187 acres (PHPLDR 2004, updated in 2012 & 2015), will not only aid in smooth traffic circulation within residential areas, these will also help in air circulation and pre-empt accumulation of temperature in heat-traps are common in Dhaka proper.

Principal Attributes of the Proposed Road Network

Road Type Length (KM) Row(M) -30.48-45.72 Lanes Footpath (M) Btcycle Track (M)
Primary Roads 13.3 42.50 6 2.4 2
Secondary Roads 11.3 30.00 4 2.25 2.25
Access Roads 35.3 18.50 4 2.0
Tertiary Roads and Cul-de-Sac 68.9 11.50 2 1.50

Pedestrian, Pedestrian Precincts & Road Buffer

These together accounts for 37.320 acres of land and share 1.75% of the township surface area. Pedestrian movement alleys through neighborhood areas are on 23.074 acres which is 1.08%, Pedestrian Precincts are on 3.431 acres i.e. 0.16% and Road Buffer on 10.815 acres (0.51%). The latter are for adjustments. It is to be concluded saying that, all the mandatory requirements of statutory agencies have been meticulously met as well as additional provisions have been kept for a feasible, functional and enjoyable living in most desired of the housing endeavors in the country. Blending the human induced and made changes and infrastructure with mother earth had been an integral planning consideration. These are complemented and supplemented by consultants added liberal provisions on beautifying lakes, walkways & cycle tracks (34.499), urban greens (74.762), etc., from aesthetics as well as mental and physical health considerations. The lash green golf course (54.049) will add additional open spaces for a great respite of the proud Jolshiri Abashon Dwellers.​

Layout of All Types of Road - Outlook Sketch