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Overview of the Company

Jolshiri Abashon a company registered with the Joint Stock of Bangladesh under the Company Act of 1994 Section-28(KA)

The company is led by a Board of Directors comprised of top brass of Bangladesh Army and led by a chairman who holds the rank of a Major General.  Bangladesh Army initiated this project to create an aqua green smart township. In contrast to other DOHSs (Defense Officers Housing Societies), which are small in scale, this project is a major undertaking, the first of its kind in the country. It is conveniently located near the other facilities of Dhaka city. With excellent connectivity and all of the modern features, facilities made the project like a dream comes true . The project proposal was accepted by the government in principle through Prime Minister’s office, Armed Forces Division Administration and Management Directorate, Dhaka Cantonment letter no 4006/5/A&L/1414 dated 23 Nov 2009

Company Profile

Jolshiri Abashon, a sister concern of Army Housing Scheme (AHS) was incorporated on April 11, 2011 as a company limited by guarantee under The Companies Act 1994. The primary goal of Jolshiri Abashon is to create plot for accommodation after purchasing from different sources and allot those to serving and retired military officers on a self-financed basis. Jolshiri Abashon intends to execute the project by developing around 2136 acres of land at Rupgonj Upazilla, Narayanganj. The project will be implemented in ten years in three different time phases. The estimated project cost is $2 billion. The project is being primarily funded by the money collected from the military officers. Limited sales and investment on residential and commercial plots are also providing significant funds. Maj Gen Md Abu Sayed Siddique, SUP, SPP, afwc, psc, PhD is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jolshiri Abashon. The project has been operating under strong supervision and effective control of Managing Director Brigadier General Ohidul Alam Chowdhury, PPM, SPP,ndc, psc. The registered office of the Jolshiri Abashon is situated at Zia colony, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka- 1016.

Project Profile

The project is located at the Centre of the eastern fringe of the DMDP area. The project is closest and easiest approach to reach from Hazrat Shahzalal International Airport, Dhaka to RAJUK-Purbachal 300 feet Link Road following Kuril Flyover where Jolshiri Abashon is 1.3 km to the south of the Purbachal New Town of RAJUK and to the immediate east of the Bashundhara Residential Area right across the Balu River. It is flanked by the Balu River on the west and the Shitalakshya River on the east. Another important approach of the project is Madani Avenue which starts from the opposite side of the US Embassy and passes through the project area and finally connects Dhaka- Sylhet bypass. In addition to that, the project will be connected with RAJUK-Purbachal 300 feet Link Road through Purbachal New Town with 4 connecting road. Size of the Project area is approximate 9 (Nine) square km and approximate population shall be 1 million.

Project Plan

The well-conceived development-plan aims to integrate modern facilities with the surrounding ecosystems.

Elegance, entertainment, and enjoyment are also systematically added altogether substantially, with all urban functionalities for a pleasant and comfortable living for people of all ages in a comprehensive aqua green city. The amenities include suitable and sufficient thoroughfares, pedestrians, walkways, lakes, urban greens lakes, community facilities along with the playgrounds, health, sports, and amusement facilities. Neighborhood shopping corners, and a central business district (CBD) as a commercial and trading hub will enrich the modern-day township. To assure thorough cleanliness and a healthy environment, a solid waste management system,  sewage treatment plant and  water treatment plant have also been set up to make it a green and self-contained urban setup.

Board of Directors

The Board of JA consists of sixteen Directors including the Chairman and Managing Director. The Board is led by Major General Md Abu Sayed Siddique, SUP, SPP, afwc, psc, PhD as Chairman of the Board. The Board provides  strategic guidelines and instructions for the management.

Management Committee

The company's management supervises the day-to-day operations of the company as well as the project works to execute. The Managing Director is the head of the executive management, although the Chairman retains approval authority. The required number of sections are conducting the administrative affairs, functioning, and directing the various aspects of the project in accordance with the implementation plan.​

Project Property, Income and Costing Pattern

The company will own the purchased land as well as the developed residential, commercial, and institutional plots. The sale of residential, commercial, and institutional plots will be the company's primary source of revenue. Leasing opportunities for recreational, sports and urban structures, as well as a few social facilities are kept aside for project maintenance management.

Earning Prospects of the Project

According to the Memorandum of Association, any revenue earned by the Jolshiri Abashon would be used to promote the company.

The members of the company won't receive any profit, dividend or bonus directly or indirectly from the company's revenue. The company commenced a land development project from the beginning. This project's total estimated revenue against estimated budget is predicted to be adequate to finish the project fundamentals.